Privacy Policy

Information we Collect: The following are the Information that we collect and store in course of lifetime of your usage of the App.

  • Account Information: We store your provided email and phone number for creating and accessing your account. This is for authentication purpose, otherwise anyone could potentially have unauthorized access to your account. This information is mandatory to create Account.
  • Team Information: You can add Team members from your Phone contacts. Again, we store your Teams’ Names and Phone numbers for their proper authentication. This step is not mandatory for using the App, and your Team can consist of yourself only (single member Team).
  • Media Access: Simple Workflow attaches proof-of-work (PoW) to Tasks. These PoWs can be Camera Images, Camera Video, Audio files, PDF Files, Image files, or any other document. These files are securely stored in our servers. This is so that your Mobile / Desktop Application does not need to waste space on storage, and also your so that your business data is secure with us in event of loss / malfunction of your device. Only people of your Account, who have sufficient permissions that you yourself setup, will be able to view these files.
  • Notes / Text Message: Apart from Media, one can also make notes against any Task. These notes are also stored in our servers securely for the same reasons listed above.
  • Cookies: We use cookies to operate our service. For example, we use cookies on Desktop / Browser versions to authenticate users.

Deleting your Information: At any point in time, you can perform in-App deletion of the information that you have shared:

  • Deleting Media, Notes, Tasks, Team-members etc: Any uploaded media files, notes, any created tasks, any added Team-member can all be deleted using in-App delete functionality. For example, an Image can be pulled to the left to see and use the Delete Option. Once deleted, the item / media will be removed from the servers. Please note that there are no local-copies of this media on your device / desktop and hence you will not be able to access any deleted item.
  • Deleting you Account: One can delete their Account at any time using the in-App Delete-Account feature ( can be accessed from the Side-pane -> Account-Information tab). Once exercised, all your Account information including media will be deleted from the servers.

Please contact for any clarifications.